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uniTUIO CE | for UNITY 3d

This is what you are looking for mate! uniTUIO is a collection of c# scripts developed for the Unity game engine. If you have not heard of this before, the basic idea behind uniTUIO is to have a nice set of scripts to allow you to easily implement TUIO based multi touch input into any Unity application. uniTUIO is free and opensource. If you dont have Unity or dont know what it is, then you really should go to and get a copy.

Be warned: we can not give you any support. So use this stuff if you are knowing what you do – so dig in and get some fun!
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Grab your copy right here. Remember it is free and open source. But you can simply name your price if you would like to support us.

Tested for:

(but "should" work for higher versions)

how to use this thing?

In short: grab the sample project from the download section (registered users only), there are two scenes, one called 'basic touch' and one called 'buttons'. Buttons actually contains the entirety of 'basic touch'. (it just has more buttons in it) We have removed the "old" iPhone scenes and the basic package provided with the Unity2 iPhone version. If you want to use those scenes, you will have to convert some Unity2 to Unity3 scripts by yourself. Note: there is also a nifty little function in the "iPhoneEventManager" prefab (Cheers Ben!): "convert mouse to touch". Check this option if you would like to use the mouse emulation in your uniTUIO project (i.e. in the editor). Disabling this option, ***SHOULD*** fix the problems caused on some MultiTouch screens (the ghost touch when you are touching the screen with only one finger). It is anyhow wise to disable the function for your final build...